Sunday, 19 March 2017

Working on module 2 has me continuously thinking and wondering. Still indecisive about my research topic I have been throwing myself into reading different articles, and I have to admit that I believe I have been living in my own bubble for some time. With my blinkers on, I have had a strong opinion of what I consider dance is and how it should be taught. Ive always thought about myself being open-minded and embracing change, but I see this may not be the case. In todays world where dancers have to be adaptable and versatile, I wonder why I havent adapted (or have I and dont acknowledge it?) Is it time for change on a higher level (what harm would it do to try?).

Speaking to my advisor last time, I aired my concerns that my topic may have some consequences which could affect me. I am, of course jumping to conclusions as I dont know the outcome. So Ive been questioning what truth is.  My perception of truth is connected with my world, my reality and what I believe to be right or wrong. But my world has changed dramatically over the past years, yet Im still living and working in my truths of yesteryear. Working deeper for this module I am trying to expand my horizons and question what do I actually know, and am I certain of it? If not, is it such a crisis? Knowledge is ongoing, never ceasing to stop, this I have to keep in mind.