Monday, 13 February 2017

Hello Everybody!  After the Skype meeting yesterday I am feeling a little apprehensive about what module 2 is going to hold for me. I have been feeling up and down about it, and I don´t know why. I learnt so much about myself and my practice in Module 1 but this module is daunting to me. I wonder if I feel ”safer” when I am talking and writing about myself, I expect because I am not treading on anybody´s toes so to speak.

I received feedback that I need to be more critical and maybe it is this I am troubled over (yes, I know it is a major point at Masters level!). What if my opinions are silly or ridiculous, not worthy of the paper they are written on? How can I think deeper and not just on the surface? What if someone confronts me about my views, could I stick up for my beliefs or would I ”keep the peace?” These are questions that I seem to be reflecting on. Module 1 didn’t just make me reflect on me as a teacher but also as a human being. Recent events have made me think about my personality, which in turn has had me reflecting on my beliefs and views both professionally and personally.

I have been thinking about a topic and I am indecisive. I know I want to pick a topic that interests me, and will have an impact on my future practice but what? I enjoyed writing a particular AOL and this maybe a possibility, but the challenge is to find literature. I had difficulty finding sufficient literature for the AOL so how will a research paper go?

Maybe it is to go with my gut feeling and tackle these issues when and if they occur. This surely is part of the process?

I would love to hear anybody's thoughts!


Luckily I had not posted this before I went to work, and reading it back I can see how this reads. I’m realising that this journey is not just about my practice but opening my horizons and exploring more and developing. Maybe there is a reason there isn´t so much literature on my choice of topic, maybe it hasn´t been written about before? That could be exciting, researching an area which has not been explored and researched. What could I contribute, that is an exciting question!