Saturday, 13 May 2017

HI, I would like to talk about the use of music in ballet classes, continuing where we left off from last Sunday´s morning talk. I find this topic very interesting as I see how different types of music influences the class atmosphere and motivation. I like to change the class music from the ”traditional” type of music for ballet classes to pop, jazz or whatever the pupils ask for. I was wondering when we were discussing this though, what are our experiences are with either a pianist or a playlist? I have used both  and I feel the difference is significant. With a pianist, it is almost like the pupils ”remember” that they are in a ballet class, maybe because they associate her with playing for them? They seem to maintain the classical style. With a playlist, the class is very different as it almost becomes a jazz class! Could this be because their association with a playlist is influenced by their free time, interest in music or being a teenager/young adult? Their movements become freer and the quality changes. They is no doubt that the contrast in the music has an effect. I am aware when making a class to pop music that I need to try and find music that will bring out the same aesthetics as the movements/exercises they are used to, I´m not always successful in that! Could that contribute to their change in style or difference in their musical quality?

As a result of this conversation, the past week I´ve been asking my pupils how often they would like to have non-classical music for their classes. I was really surprised as the majority said they enjoyed having it as a ”special treat” but would not want it frequently. A couple even commented that it was also the classical music that motivated them to do ballet!

Does anybody have any thoughts on this topic, would love to hear them!