Monday, 13 February 2017

Hello Everybody!  After the Skype meeting yesterday I am feeling a little apprehensive about what module 2 is going to hold for me. I have been feeling up and down about it, and I don´t know why. I learnt so much about myself and my practice in Module 1 but this module is daunting to me. I wonder if I feel ”safer” when I am talking and writing about myself, I expect because I am not treading on anybody´s toes so to speak.

I received feedback that I need to be more critical and maybe it is this I am troubled over (yes, I know it is a major point at Masters level!). What if my opinions are silly or ridiculous, not worthy of the paper they are written on? How can I think deeper and not just on the surface? What if someone confronts me about my views, could I stick up for my beliefs or would I ”keep the peace?” These are questions that I seem to be reflecting on. Module 1 didn’t just make me reflect on me as a teacher but also as a human being. Recent events have made me think about my personality, which in turn has had me reflecting on my beliefs and views both professionally and personally.

I have been thinking about a topic and I am indecisive. I know I want to pick a topic that interests me, and will have an impact on my future practice but what? I enjoyed writing a particular AOL and this maybe a possibility, but the challenge is to find literature. I had difficulty finding sufficient literature for the AOL so how will a research paper go?

Maybe it is to go with my gut feeling and tackle these issues when and if they occur. This surely is part of the process?

I would love to hear anybody's thoughts!


Luckily I had not posted this before I went to work, and reading it back I can see how this reads. I’m realising that this journey is not just about my practice but opening my horizons and exploring more and developing. Maybe there is a reason there isn´t so much literature on my choice of topic, maybe it hasn´t been written about before? That could be exciting, researching an area which has not been explored and researched. What could I contribute, that is an exciting question!


  1. Hi Sam,

    Your recent event made me think about my own students which led on to my blog. I am just starting on module 1 so trying to think about my AOLs but am really interested in learning styles, teaching styles so was anticipating that this may be a direction I take when approaching module 2 and 3, however, again I keep reading and this has reminded me that I am also interested in other areas associated with the above. I remember you saying on skype that you were interested in perhaps looking at teacher training, but were worried about the quantity of literature available. Probably once you start exploring and reading around the subject this will open up a multitude of possibilities that you may not have considered, I know this tends to happen to me - if I have a 'concrete idea' once I start researching it manifests, develops and changes and I end up going down several different paths before I finally decide upon one. I don't know if this is helpful at all but as you said above if you are interested and passionate about it then it has to be a good thing.

  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes, it´s about going into the unknown isn´t it? I see the same pattern emerging all the time. Having everything pathed out and not deferring from my plans. This is the time to explore, and maybe allow myself to see what manifests. I need to embrace change!

  3. Hi Sam,
    I totally agree with your thoughts. Even I have received a feedback to be more critical on my essays. Module two is certainly is a "Road not taken" i guess, and it is daunthing. we will explore it only when we are at it.,I have been thinking and reading about various topics and I am cluless whether to go deeper into the AOLs whcih I mentioned in Module 1 or to think of other Areas of Learning relating to Resaearch inquir?

  4. Hi Sam,

    Thank you for your honesty in your blog. It is natural to have doubts, and I, myself, even a week in, have thought and thought and thought!
    This is not just an academic journey! It is going to be one of massive self-discovery; of discovering what has been learnt (how and why). On the back of Ruth's post/s, I have started to reflect and consider the 'whole' (as it is at the moment) in terms of personality, intelligence, beliefs, ethics, values, motivation, identity... I don't mind telling you that I am doubting my ability to rise to the task! But, as Adesola and Helen have stated, there are no right or wrong answers. It is about learning, growing and developing as practitioners and, as I am now finding out, as humans!

    Thanks for your post. I look forward to hearing about your journey into module 2!


  5. Hi Sam,
    I love how honest and genuine your blogs are, it always makes me feel like i'm not alone with similar concerns and makes me remember we are all going on this journey together. I think what you said about opinions and the concern of confrontation is very important within life as well as professional practice and after reading this it has inspired me want to want to ' stick to my guns' and not falter and appease a situation if it does come to confrontation, because opinions can differ and discussion from that isn't necessarily a bad thing even though it can be an intimidating thing.

    This is the picture I found that was titled progression as I was googling away, It has an article attached which you might find interesting. I like the idea the picture presents of teacher and student exchanging knowledge rather than just being spoon fed and told how and what to do.